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​What do we do when a fellow American is treated with contempt and his rights are utterly disregarded?

The Case of Greg Snider, an American Patriot
Greg Snider and his wife, Jennifer, and their four daughters, were returning to Indiana after a short vacation in Ohio when a traffic stop changes their lives.  

Greg was kidnapped in Ohio while traveling back to their home in Indiana with his wife and 4 daughters.  His 'crime?'  Asking the officer who appeared at his window for his identification.  Although this is required by law, the arresting officer refused to supply this, insisting he was to be obeyed without question.  

The Officer did not know three cameras were pointed at him, recording his every word and act.

Here are videos Jennifer and two of their daughters made of the alleged traffic stop and some details from the families conversations with him in jail.

Recordings were also made of all their conversations from the jail.  Greg is in 
Crawford County Jail,
 Bucyrus Ohio,
Sheriff Phone (419) 562-7906 

You may know Greg as Papa Veritas.  He is being held on $100,000 bail …….he was stopped for going about 10 miles over speed limit
.  At the roadside he was told he was arrested for "resisting arrest" and 'obstruction'
.. clearly the films say otherwise.

Interviews with family etc are in the works.  

Here is some information passed to me from Greg   in jail  about court this morning. 7-12-12,  and update on his condition 

Case heard by  Judge: Sean E. Leuthold
1112 E. Mansfield street. 
PO box 550. Bucyrus
 Ohio. 44820-0550

The information below about the Crawford County Municipal Court has been found on a website, so we are not exactly sure if the contact person may have changed, but the numbers should all be correct.

Crawford County Municipal Court
the contact there is: Mr. Christman
Phone: (419) 562-2731
Fax: (419) 562-7064

Prosecutor- David Keller. No phone number for his office at this time.

Clerk: Annette M. Johnston

Deputy Clerk: Debbie Morton

Greg was seen in court Today, July 12th, 2012 at 8:30AM
The Judge said that he, speaking of himself, is "bound by the Constitution".

Greg requested proof of jurisdiction, but judge would not answer questions regarding jurisdiction. The judge has dishonored Greg's conditional acceptance of honor.
During the hearing  Judge Leuthold tried to enter a plea in for Greg. Greg told the judge that he would accept the judge's entering of plea upon the condition that he(the judge) would provide Greg with a valid contract where Greg gave the judge authority or valid appointment on Greg's part where Greg gave the judge authority to act as Greg's lawful representative in that matter, and enter a plea for Greg. The judge could not produce that contract, but the judge tried to enter a plea anyway.

The judge tried to appoint Greg an attorney. Greg mentions in the phone conversation about Interlocutory Appeal that he is in a holding cell, because he had not completed booking yet. he has not been finger printed. 

He has not been able to clean himself, he is wearing the same clothing he was wearing the day he was kidnapped, he's been provided only foods that are contaminated with poisons (ie: Hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrups, aluminated baking powders. Food is in aluminum containers.) He has requested vegetables. In three days he has gotten the equivalent of about one half cup of lettuce. They brought him a salad, but it had a salad dressing on it, which had Canola oil (which is also a poison) so he only picked out the lettuce that didn't have the oil all over it. They did bring him some other vegetables today, but he is not getting much to eat. They are not providing him with any bottled water. He has to drink clorinated and flouridated water. He has had to drink the water because he was left with no choice.

Violating a presumed  Oath of Honor,  charges need to be filed against the 'alleged' Judge.

Greg said he  wants to keep Robert Menard in the loop as to what is going on. Whatever advice he can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Greg was given a notification for a bench trial set for 7/20/2012. 1:00PM is pre-trial, 1:30PM is the bench trial. Two charges. First is for the failure to comply charge, and then the bench trial is for the traffic violation charge. The judge issused a $100,000.00 bond.

Greg has asked the judge for remedy, but the judge won't listen. The judge won't let Greg address anything. The judge talks over Greg, shouts at Greg, and the judge is not acting in honor at all.

One of the officers presented Greg with the citations(bills of exchange). The officer didn't let Greg finish signing the first one, and the officer withdrew his presentment with the second one.  The officer presented it as if Greg refused presentment. When given the copies of the presentments, Greg requested to protest the one for lack of presentment. 

*( I have no idea where he was going with the last part, perhaps Robert Menard, or some of his WFS members would know what Greg might be talking about there)*

This just in - 
 from    Dan Rathernot
BTW -  the sheriffs office had nothing to do with it.. he is only being held' in that was Ohio State Patrol at 419 562 8040 ....according to the sheriff's office.